Full tutorial and HOW TO can be found HERE in this post.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Merry A Round Blog wear Freebie

Welcome to my blogwear freebie blog. I decided to try and make a background with my new kit Merry A Round and then went the full hog and spent the morning creating this blog to see if it worked- lol.

Then of course I had to show you how to add them as I didn’t have a clue the first time I did mine (OY, still technically disadvantaged I tell you –lol ) but  thought it would help you out when you grab the freebies here to see the HOW TO as well.


Using MERRY A ROUND (see my design/personal blog for details)


Merry A Round Blogwear.

With 2 Header options and 2 sized backgrounds plus some labels. Plus a HOW TO is included with your download.

You can grab it HERE.



  1. Wowzers, fabulous blogwear!!!

  2. Kim,
    I LOVE YOU!!!!!! Thank you for putting this site together. The only problem, Now I no longer have any more excuses for delaying the inevitable...Some Friend...

    Hugs & Blessings,
    Dane Ann

  3. Thanks so much for the tutorial! I have been afraid to try this. Maybe I can ... :)

  4. oh WOW! I just found your new bloggy blog! BEAUTIFUL blog template with your new kit!!!! :)

  5. Do you still do custom blog building>